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With Gaming, Comes Madness [repost from GamingRant]

[alert type=”info”]This article was originally published by Gaming Rant on February 6th, 2014. The original article can be found here.[/alert]

Dronality Results In Madness Of the Mind


Now, before I start this abomination of an article, let me inform you of one tiny little fact. You see, this here website has now been in operation for four whole years, and we’re thankful to have all of our loyal readers. Though we’ve had a fairly rough ride throughout 2013, we continue to receive enough monthly readers to keep this little website going. For that, we thank you. Seriously, if not for your boredom, we probably wouldn’t even exist, and we most certainly wouldn’t be a part of the digital web four years after launch.

As for the actual article, and for an explanation as to why I chose a military style COD as the featured image. Well, let’s just say I’ve gone insane. Not clinically insane, as that would imply some form of mental retardation.
Quite simply, I’ve been a part of the video game industry for years, and the trend I’ve been noticing as of late is ghastly, and involves corporate greed and general consumer idiocy.

Seriously, the odd fact that so many ‘gamers’ can mindlessly play the same video game each and every time it is released on a yearly basis has struck a sickening nerve in my heart. It is an absolute joke that we all consider ourselves to be gamers, as quite frankly, we are consumers. We consume what the industry spits our way, and we act as if they’re creating some kind of magical product that we all must absolutely buy without a question or  a thought.

We’ve all created a new age of gaming, all because we failed to raise our voices oh so many years ago. It is your fault, as a supposed gamer, that we are living within a corrupted industry. It is your fault that we are forced to accept high downloadable content prices and microtransactions within every game. It is your fault that the market has become over saturated with first person shooters. It is your fault that we did not speak up, as the action of one creates a group of many.

Gaming in general has become nothing but a trend. It is no longer about creating art, or even coding a unique and innovative experience. It is now, and will likely always remain, an industry for money. Games are products, and gamers are consumers. Why is Call Of Duty one of this industries most popular games? Seriously, why is it that so many people continue to purchase a new Call Of Duty game every year? Is it that we simply do not know any better? I’d like to think that we are all intelligent enough to understand that we are no longer playing the game, but rather that the game is playing us.

And yet, I find myself writing this very article, attempting to construct my inner madness in the form of written words. Could it be that I am the only person alive that truly understands what this industry is doing? Am I the only person that realizes the true nature of downloadable content and microtransactions? It can’t be me that has gone mad, can it? Perhaps I am wrong, and the general gamer is right.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that this industry has gone mad, or am I simply barking up the wrong digital tree?