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Evolution Of Gaming, A Future Of Lies [repost from GamingRant]

[alert type=”info”]This article was originally published by Gaming Rant on March 13th, 2013. The original article can be found here.[/alert]

PS4 – The False Evolution Of Gaming.

This isn’t exactly intended to be an article, but rather a way to self medicate. To turn my frustrations into a form of poorly written journalism, if you can even classify this as being at all journalistic.

I’ve always been a fan of the gaming industry, and find the constant evolution of gaming technology to be a key part in our current technologically advanced world. I’d even go as far as to say that, without gaming, such innovations like the smartphone, tablet, high definition displays and possibly even personal computers, simply wouldn’t exist within our world, or would have transitioned to something totally different than what it is today. Imagine if the Xbox 360, the console that kicked off HD gaming, had never been released. The Xbox 360 was the very reason thousands of boys and girls everywhere bugged their parents for a high definition television, as without one, you just wouldn’t ever get the full effect. Now, if the Xbox 360 never existed, thousands of HDTV’s would still be sitting on store shelves, hindering the sales, and with it, the evolution of HD technology. This is actually something Sony has attempted to do once more with the introduction of 3D support on the PlayStation 3. They attempted to popularize the 3D craze, encouraging consumers to rush out and pick up a brand new 3D television for gaming-related use. Although Sony’s attempt did not go as well as they had planned, they still managed to introduce quite a few consumers to 3D technology, which has caused a chain of 3D advancement, from glasses-free displays (autostereoscopy) to 3DTVs that are compatible with inexpensive battery-free glasses. (polarized)

These things tend to go well above the heads of your average consumer. Essentially, people just want to buy the technology, and couldn’t care much about its’ origin. However, now that Sony is going to enter into the realm of cloud gaming, I feel more disappointment than I do glee. From now on, people will reference Sony when the subject of cloud gaming arises, rather than the actual company responsible for all of the cloud gaming innovations, if not the future of the industry as a whole. This company is none other than OnLive, the original cloud gaming provider. OnLive started their cloud platform all the way back in 2010, which is three years before the announcement of the PS4. The sheer amount of similarities between the OnLive platform and the cloud features of the PlayStation 4 are truly staggering, yet will likely be overlooked by the consumer bay at large. Even though this article is being written before the launch of the PS4, I can already hear the ignorant cries of those set out to defend the PS4 against anyone who dares to even mention the OnLive name. It is as if OnLive never truly existed, and it saddens me to even imagine a future where OnLive doesn’t get the recognition it so rightfully deserves.

Yet, that grim future is likely to be a reality. A world filled with biased lies and claims of wrongful innovation.

What is your take on the subject? Do you agree with the views expressed within this article, or do you see it as general hogwash? Let us know in the comments, and please remember to share this article with everyone you meet.