As most of you are likely well aware, I am a genius. My IQ is 0 multiplied by infinity. Unfortunately, you are not intelligent enough to understand the joke, so I’ll just laugh alone. Haha

Ahem, well then. Moving on, shall we?


Today, I invented the unthinkable. I invented myself in glorious miniature form. It is called the iTy, and it is a perfect replica of myself.. That is, assuming I were a giant mutated doll with a bobble head.

So, starting this time next year, you will be able to buy me. That’s right, the Ty that writes before you is selling miniature versions of himself for the ultra low price of $29.99!

My┬áminiature body is yours, and there are many compartments for you to open and insert stuff into. In fact, there’s a full sized USB dongle located on the front of the iTy device, and a USB port located in the back. Plus, if you plug one iTy into another iTy, a light will flash, indicating that the iTy’s are transferring data between one another. Once the data has been transferred, the USB dongles will retract back into the iTy device. It’s a pretty nifty system, and fun for the whole family!


The only question that remains is….


Do YOU iTy?