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If You’re Reading This, Chances Are I’m…

Totally not dead!┬áSeriously, I’m not.

Anyways, I need your help. You, as one of my only loyal readers, need to go out into the real world, and gather people around a virtual campfire, all while singing jolly songs of… Wait, what the fuck am I even saying?

Well, my insane mind as spoken, it seems. I need your help to promote this here bloggy thing, so I can become famous, and spit fire onto those that are beneath me. (aka you sane people)


So go ahead, spread the word of my existence. Tell your friends about this super insane individual known as Ty Harvey, and give them this here link to my blog thing. I’m counting on you to spread my insanity. Just be sure to spread my will with care, as if my mind is read by the wrong hands…. or eyes…. ┬áthe world may very well come to a violent end.


Well, go on now. Spread me as if I were God.