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Piss Off With The ONE Hate!

Sure, the Xbox One wasn’t what you had expected. Hell, for most of us, it was the complete opposite.
Now, I’ve never been the biggest of Xbox fans, and tend to hate on things that break down, or have games that I dislike.
However, back when Microsoft first announced the Xbox One, I was actually excited for the services they advertised. I loved the Azure cloud computing capabilities, and saw some major potential for the Xbox brand moving forward.

Then the uneducated gamers started raging their dicks off, and complained about this and that. Eventually, Microsoft had no choice but to revise their online services, and remove some of the features I was personally looking forward to. You see, that underpowered box was underpowered for a reason, as they intended to use the power of the cloud to help process some rather advanced tasks. At the end of the day, the Xbox One would have actually been much more powerful than the PlayStation 4, simply because it had  a shitload of cloud processing power at its disposal. The Xbox One could have been more powerful than every single computer on the entire planet back in 1999.
I mean, of fucking course the Xbox One would require an internet connection, as it’s doing most of its’ high-end computing through the cloud. Cloud = internet, therefore One would require the net to work properly.


Now, thanks to all of the retards who complained about the One, we’re all going to get a greatly limited system, and likely a future of confused ports and reduced features. To think, we have the stupid fucking gamers to thank for the limited power and features of the Xbox One. Not Microsoft. Not the idiots over at Activision, or another stupid game studio. We have YOU to thank for the One’s demise. You, and your stupidity.