I would like to start this post off by saying sorry. I won’t hold myself back, as this has been bothering me for months.

Now, I know I’ve lost most of my readers, so I won’t even bother pretending to entertain you with my wonderful wits and sense of humour. Quite simply, I’m too damn angry to give a shit right now, and I find it difficult to even formulate the proper words to describe just how I feel, and why I feel it.

Now, I’m not a fanboy by any sense of the word, and quite honestly fucking hate fanboys, as they are nothing more than insignificant stains in an otherwise glorious industry. They are scum, and I am not one of them, thank god.

However, I can’t help but to gripe, and complain, and bitch about my current experiences with the PlayStation Network. That is to say, they are poor.

The entire Network is essentially nonfunctional. Yes, it’s still possible to play your games online, but the social community aspects of the Network appear to be dead. Specifically the area of the Network that handles messaging and general social interaction, like Party Chat and game invitations.
You see, right now it is damn near impossible to use the PlayStation Network to send or receive messages, as sending almost always results in having the message timeout while trying to reach the server, and receiving can take well over ten minutes before you can actually read the message sent to you. This delay also makes game invitations next to useless, as by the time the message is actually received, the gaming session has likely already expired, or your friend simply gave up on waiting for you to join.

Now, this isn’t exactly a small issue affecting a handful of players. This is affecting what appears to be a very large group of people, if the constant threads over on the PlayStation Support Forums are anything to go by.
Yet, Sony has yet to provide any kind of public information regarding this issue, which has been happening for months. In fact, Sony’s yet to even acknowledge that this specific issue even exists, and it took me several live conversations with their tech support to get them to even drop a minor hint that yes; shit’s fucking up. The agent(s) I spoke to were unable to be of any help, and couldn’t offer a date of when their Network will be restored to full working order.

To be honest, I somewhat regret using the PlayStation Network, as it is nothing but a constant pain and reminder of how to not run a large-scale gaming network or community. Looking at Xbox Live and the Nintendo Network shows a nearly perfect reliability ratio, which just begs the question; why the fuck is Sony incapable of maintaining a reliable social gaming environment? And, on that note, why the fuck have they yet to actually acknowledge that this problem even exists?

What’s your take on Sony’s constant network problems?