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If you’re Canadian, do NOT use Cogeco as your ISP

It’s common belief that I am an awesome (if not a tad egotistical) individual. It’s also common fact that I am, without a doubt, the most awesomest of all awesomes. That’s just the way things are.
So, when I tell you that Cogeco is an Internet Service Provider that should be avoided, you should take my word as truth, and move on with your life without questioning my factual opinions.

Cogeco’s internet services are congested. They just don’t fucking work. Seriously, I’m paying for their Ultimate 120 Unlimited package, and I typically only receive 5-15 Mbps in the evening hours, with high ping and severe packet loss happening around every fucking corner. This makes playing games virtually impossible, giving me a MASSIVE disadvantage. (though I somehow always end up topping the scoreboard, but that’s just because everyone else sucks, and isn’t on my level)

To be fair, it’s supposedly going to be fixed this December, which is cool. Cogeco has also offered me a ton of credit for what has been over a full year of shitty services. So, there’s that.
However, the fact that this has been going on for a full fucking year, and the fact that I am still alive, therefore forced to use Cogeco given the lack of any other viable option… well, that fact pisses me off a tad.


So yeah, this article thing is just me, ranting away like the lunatic that I am.

Moving on…