Log Entry #053
Date – August 17th, 2015
Time – 4:05 PM

Ah, that’s right. Now I remember! This is the day that everything went to shit. Well, not literally shit, but you know. Expressions and such. 

Yeah, if I recall correctly, something was invented on this date… Some kind of energy thingy, but I can’t for the life of me remember what… RIGHT!%1 It was the mini reactor! The goddamn mini power generator invented by some kind of lunatic. Can’t remember his name, but…  I feel like… Hmm, excuse my mindless babbling for a moment Doc, but I gotta think out loud.  See, I’ve never jumped this far, and… being the past and such, and on a date where a powerful new technology was invented… Maybe that had something to do with my abilities? Like, what if this wasn’t a coincidence? What if… NOTHING IS REAL?!? 

God, I suck at thinking and brains and such. Just… babbling.