Do you believe in ghosts? Yeah, neither do I. However, being as how I am dead, you'd think I of all people would believe.
Sure, I am technically dead, in the sense that my body is now a rotting corpse buried somewhere below the Empire State Building, I feel as if I am very much alive. I can interact with people, talk to my friends, and even go to the observation area of the World Trade Center. Oh, did I forget to mention? Hm, must have. So yeah, the World Trade Center is still standing tall and proud. You see, the spirit world, or 'afterlife' as some idiots refer to it by, is truly just another reality within our own physical existence. You've heard of the multidimensional theory thing, right? It's sort of like that, but without all the extra science mumbo jumbo. 
Hell, this world is truly a paradise compared to yours. Do we have crime? Yes. Do we have greed? Yes. Do we... Wait, no, we don't have either of those. Without the need of constantly wishing to fit in, and without money to make equal individuals feel unaccepted or poor, there is no reason to fight. There's no reason to steal. There's no reason to kill. 
This world operates in perfect harmony, and all you have to do to live your own perfect life, is die. 

Short Story - Issue #2
Perfect World
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