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OnLive – Yet Another Article

Alright, I know some of you guys are sick of me talking about the OnLive game service. Hell, I’ve been fairly negative towards it, and have a bit of a reputation within the OnLive community as being some type of low-life loser. (someone even tried to get me banned by pretending to be me, so there’s that)

I’m also fairly sure that a few OnLive employees and key community members are reading my blog, filtering what I say so they can use it against me on their quest for world domination. Some people also believe I leaked insider information regarding OnLive and Steam,with an OnLive employee actually contacting me and asking me to edit an article that I had written to remove all reference to the Steam service.
First, I’d like to discus this leak. You see, my original article never once mentioned that OnLive had partnered with Steam, even though I had heard some rumors at the time. Within my article, I said this;

OnLive's set to do something extraordinary within the next few months, so if you're currently a Steam user, or have any interest in cloud gaming, or of you simply wish to see where Sony got their idea from, you really must check out OnLive.

The line highlighted in bold is what OnLive politely asked me to remove, as it mentioned the Steam service in relation to OnLive. However, I did not have access to any type of super secret insider information, and when OnLive themselves contacted me, they essentially confirmed that they were in fact working together with Steam, without ever stating so specifically.

Next, some of you believe that I am hugely against OnLive. This is false. Believe it or not, I actually love OnLive, which is why I continue to express my opinions about the service moving forward. I don’t want them to fail. I want them to succeed. That’s why I express my opinions, no matter how negative or positive they are. Thankfully, OnLive has been changing their service pricing over the last several months, lowering it to a price point that is not only fair, it’s damn near too inexpensive.

OnLive has slowly been fixing all of the things I thought wrong, including lowering the price and adding more games to the service. You can now get a CloudLift and PlayPack subscription for only $12.95 per month, which is an amazing value. You’d have to be absolutely insane to not see the absolute value with this bundle subscription.

I’ve always been a major supporter of OnLive, and thanks to the continued improvements that OnLive has been making, I can finally fully recommend OnLive as a massive part of the video gaming world. While it no longer has the fighting power to truly compete against Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo or Valve, that really doesn’t matter anymore. OnLive’s a complimentary extra that adds nothing but additional value to your gaming life. Because of that, and the new bundled pricing structure, OnLive should be a part of every gamers digital collection. There’s simply too much value there to overlook.

So congratulations, OnLive. You’ve done everything that I believed was required to secure your continued success.

Also, please try not to take every single thing I say to heart. This blog isn’t the most serious of places on the net, made evident by the fact that I’m always making wild references to hamsters, and other absolute shenanigans.
So, in one of my articles, when I mentioned that I had lost friends over my obsession over the OnLive service, you should have the common sense to know that I wasn’t being entirely serious.