OnLive Universal Controller

So, why am I including a last generation cloud gaming platform controller in my list of next generation console controllers? Because, OnLive has their own microconsole, and is also available on various gadgets as part of their cloud gaming service. So, OnLive deserves to have a mention.


Battery – 9.7/10

The OnLive controller comes with a battery pack, and also supports two AA batteries. The battery life varies, though the average seems to be between 12-16 hours.

Design – 8.2/10

It looks and feels like a hybrid between the Xbox 360 and DualShock 3 controllers. It’s relatively heavy, and is fairly comfortable to hold. It feels slightly more comfortable than the DualShock 3, and is on-par with the Xbox 360 controller. However, it falls well below the DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers.

Features – 3.1/10

The OnLive controller is relatively basic when it comes to features. While it has rumble, and can connect to multiple devices wirelessly, it is mostly a barebones controller. It does its job, and it does it well enough. Though, it does have media control functionality at the bottom of the controller, for easy Brag Clip recording and control when using the OnLive Game Service.

Overall  – 7.4/10

It’s one of the best universal controllers available, but it is no longer revolutionary.


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