Wii U GamePad


Nintendo’s latest high tech gadget also doubles as a controller for a video game console that, unsurprisingly, is also a gadget.

Battery – 5.5/10

The GamePad battery life is fairly short, lasting only 3-5 hours on a full charge. The battery is internal, and can be upgraded.


Design – 9.0/10

As with every Nintendo controller to date, the GamePad is unique, if not a tad revolutionary. It is surprisingly lightweight considering its size. It is also comfortable and easy to hold for extended gaming sessions.


Features – 10/10

Stereo speakers, camera, touch screen, motion control, NFC reader, IR blaster and receiver, microphone, headphone/microphone jack, traditional buttons, triggers and analog sticks. The GamePad has it all.

Overall  – 8.6/10

While it’s not perfect, and is rarely supported by video game developers, the Wii U GamePad is by far the most creative and unique controller on the market.

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