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Splatoon Miiverse – Hacked?

May 28, 2015Game, News, Nintendo, Wii U Standard

The Splatoon Pre-launch community is supposed to be restricted only to Nintendo’s Tom and Amy, so why is it that a seemingly random individual was able to post to this private community without Nintendo’s knowledge of consent? Well, the answer is actually quite simple, and involves what could be a mere misunderstanding, rather than a […]

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Sony’s Music Unlimited Discontinued – Becomes Spotify?

January 29, 2015Music, News, PlayStation, Rant Standard

So yeah, it seems as though Sony’s wonderful Music Unlimited service, which was required if you wanted to play music on the PlayStation 4, is closing down as of March 29th. According to Sony, they’re going to introduce an entirely new music service, which just so happens to be called┬áSpotify. Now, Music Unlimited was rarely […]

PlayStation Now – Not Cool, Sony!

January 8, 2014Game, Money, News, OnLive, PlayStation, Rant, Steam Standard

As some of you are likely well aware, Sony intends to launch their own cloud gaming service this summer. PlayStation Now (previously called Gaikai) will basically let you stream entire PS3 video games to certain Sony devices, such as the Vita and PS3. You’ll require an additional membership to the service, rumored to be $50 […]

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So Apparently, We’re All Gonna Die@! (World War 3)

August 30, 2013News Standard

First thing that comes to mind?   Duh.     Second thing?   No shit!   Third? The actual article/blog/post.   See, I totally called it. Looks like Russia and China could very well declare war against the United States of America and the United Kingdom, at least, according to this wonderful article right here […]

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