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Rogue Legacy Giveaway Winner [May 2015]

May 31, 2015Winners Circle Standard

Congratulations to Tyler on winning a totally free and awesome copy of Rogue Legacy via Steam, provided by Cellar Door Games! I hope you enjoy your copy of Rogue Legacy! Seriously, the game is pretty amazing. 😀 I’ve gone ahead and contacted you on Steam. […]

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Five Nights at Freddy’s Giveaway Winner [April 2015]

May 3, 2015Winners Circle Standard

Congratulations to stelian for winning the complete Five Nights at Freddy’s series via Ty’s Blog! I’ve sent you a friend request on Steam. Once accepted, I’ll be able to send you your three awesome games. 😀   Remember to keep an eye out for May’s giveaway announcement. […]

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DayZ Giveaway Winner [August 2014 Giveaway]

August 31, 2014Winners Circle Standard

Alright, so here’s the deal. I couldn’t afford to purchase the game, so instead, I’m giving away a free copy of….   Kidding. I’d never do that to you guys. 🙂   Anyway, the winner this time around is Dakari! So yeah, congratulations, and such. 😀 […]

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Spintires Giveaway Winner [July 2014 Giveaway]

August 2, 2014Winners Circle Standard

Oops! I’m a tad late to announce the winner this time around, and I apologize for that! I’ve been busy, killing cats and eating bubblegum. Better late than never though, right?   Anyway, congratulations to NinjaNick for winning the Ty’s Blog Spintires Giveaway! […]

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