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Burning Tears of Hell

January 18, 2014Nonsense, Original Poems, Quote Standard

The twisted senses of time and reality have taken a hold of my insanity. Screaming out to an emotionless crowd of death and decay. Crying the burning tears of hell. […]

Quote of the Day

June 1, 2013Quote Standard

To become truly innocent and pure, you must once again peek through the eyes of a child, for the youth of this world are the true representations of innocence and purity.   – Ty Harvey   […]

Quote of the Day

May 31, 2013Quote Standard

To be capable of living up to your own expectations, you must first learn to expect fewer things.   – Ty Harvey   […]

Quote of the Day

May 30, 2013Quote Standard

To properly understand the true fundamentals of life, you must first live till death separates your soul from your rotting corpse, to which you can freely enter an endless afterlife of eternal bliss, mixed with a tablespoon of damnation.   – Ty Harvey   […]