Windows 10 Review: By a Non-American

If you've read my last article, you'll know that I am not happy with Windows 10. In fact, I still strongly stand behind my original statement of Windows 10 being the worst operating system I have ever used, if not the worst of all time. Yes, that means it's even worse than Vista, which is quite an amazing [...]

PlayStation Now Subscription Plan? Uh, no thanks.

Today, Sony announced that their PlayStation Now cloud streaming service would be available for $19.99 a month,and would include 100 PS3 games at launch. The service will only be accessible on the PlayStation 4, with more devices being added in the near future, including the PlayStation Vita. While I have no doubt that PlayStation Now’s […]

Controller Battle: PS4 vs XOne vs Wii U vs OnLive

Among the hundreds if not thousands of articles, you’ve managed to stumble upon this little piece of editorial paradise. A part of me feels sorry for your obviously horrible luck, while the other part wishes you’re crazy enough to stick around, and read this article in full. I won’t judge you if you were to […]

Evolution Of Gaming, A Future Of Lies [repost from GamingRant]

[alert type=”info”]This article was originally published by Gaming Rant on March 13th, 2013. The original article can be found here.[/alert] PS4 – The False Evolution Of Gaming. This isn’t exactly intended to be an article, but rather a way to self medicate. To turn my frustrations into a form of poorly written journalism, if you can […]