Steam + Mods = No

As most of you are likely already aware, Valve’s Steam service is now allowing the sale of user created modifications for select Steam Workshop titles. Currently, this is limited to just Skyrim, though the list is expected to expand as time moves on, and more developers / publishers join the fray. Of course, this created […]

PlayStation Now – Not Cool, Sony!

As some of you are likely well aware, Sony intends to launch their own cloud gaming service this summer. PlayStation Now (previously called Gaikai) will basically let you stream entire PS3 video games to certain Sony devices, such as the Vita and PS3. You’ll require an additional membership to the service, rumored to be $50 […]

Team Fortress 2 on PlayStation 4 Needs To Happen!

Hello there, fellow internet loser! It is I, the great and mighty Ty! Today, I couldn’t help but question; why the hell isn’t Valve porting TF2 to the PS4?! Now, before you go all fanboy on my ass, hear me out. The PS4 is capable of playing TF2 on its absolute maximum settings in glorious […]