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Blog Sponsorship

If you would like to sponsor one of our monthly giveaways, please contact us.

A nonrefundable sponsorship fee of $5 applies, in addition to any other fees associated with your sponsored listing.

Product Promotion

This is for digital product promotion, such as a piece of software, mobile app, or a video game.

Each article will have a minimum of 500 words, two in-article images, and one header image.


This is for physical hardware, such as keyboards, speakers, and monitors.

Each article will have a minimum of 1000 words, three in-article images, and one header image.


Video Advertisement

Overlay Ad: $10 /month | BUY
Stream Info Banner: $10 /month | BUY
Both Together: $17 /month | BUY

(Average viewership: 6 concurrent, 200 total per stream)

Due to the varying nature of this particular ad type, we require that you contact us for further information.

Site Advertisement

Advertising on the sidebar is an easy and super cool way to promote yourself! Plus, it’s super inexpensive!

250×250 Banner Ads are only $3 per month. Contact us to order.

If you’d rather just support the blog, you’re welcome to send in a custom donation instead.

*All payments are final.