Like Games? Check Out Gaming Rant

Gaming Rant, for those of you that may be unfamiliar with my history, is a website that I've been operating ...
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An Xbox Live Rant, By a Long Time Gold Member

If you're not up to date, Xbox Live on the Xbox One has been having some serious issues over the ...
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I get $1 per month on ad revenue

Currently, I'm making huge bucks with this here blog thingy. On average, I make roughly $1 each and every month, ...
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Upcoming changes to newsletter

If you're currently subscribed to my email newsletter, you'll receive instant notifications whenever a new article is published. Unfortunately, this ...
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You should buy Firewatch

Firewatch is an absolutely brilliant video game, and while I am currently writing up a review, I simply couldn't wait ...
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Giving Away Games on Twitch

Hey guys, check out my (currently live) Twitch broadcast! I've already given away one game. Who will the next one ...
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